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An outing in the sky! A mountain top amusement park with free admission and fantastic views.

See the views from the Puka Puka Panda sky gondola, and take in the panorama from Japan’s oldest swing ride.

This is a mountain top amusement park, something rarely found even in Japan. Located high in the sky, it is filled with rides from which you can enjoy some amazing views.

Just board the Puka Puka Panda sky gondola and you will be able to take a stroll through the sky, starting with a view of the Nara basin, followed by the Kyoto basin around the corner, and the plains of Osaka just around the next.

Among the park’s large scale rides, we recommend the “Hiko-to” (airplane tower), a type of swing ride and the oldest large scale ride in Japan. The tower is 30 meters high and has been standing since the park was first opened 88 years ago.

The slowly revolving ride is like an observation deck suspended in the sky, and provides a 360 degree view with no windows or walls in the way. Many people come to enjoy the sky attractions of Mount Ikoma using the Hiko-to swing ride as a landmark.

The most popular ride in the park though is the Kyuryu-Suberi Gold Rush water slide. You can enjoy a view of Osaka as your boat bobs along in the water, and the splashing water showering the passengers along the way doubles the fun.

The Cycle Monorail is another popular attraction in which you can enjoy the same wide vistas while cycling through the sky.

Kyu-ryu Suberi Gold Rush is the park’s most popular ride.
The Hiko-to, Japan’s oldest large scale amusement park ride, provides a 360 degree panoramic view.
Enjoy an outing in the sky with the cute Puka Puka Panda and his balloons.

You can also enjoy a romantic evening walk here under the starry heavens.

The park is perfect for family visits, providing rides available even to babies under 1 year among the total of 27 attractions. There are also many antique and nostalgic attractions in the historic park, and the unique atmosphere is yet another appeal.

There is enough to do here to spend your entire day on the top of the mountain.

But the greatest appeal is of course the amazing views, and all of this is available for free admission. Many people visit during the summer in search of cooler temperatures, and the park also operates during the nighttime on Saturdays and Sundays from late July and in August.

The amusement park at night, under the starry sky, takes on a magical atmosphere. You can also enjoy a romantic evening walk here under the starry heavens.

The game center features games that are nostalgic for Japanese people, such as the shooting gallery.
The 360 degree night time panorama seen from the Hiko-to swing ride.

A unique cable car, Japan’s oldest, connects the park to the normal world.

How can you get to the top of the mountain? In fact, even getting to the Ikoma-Sanjo Amusement Park is fun. Japan’s oldest cable car is ready to take you to and from Ikoma-Sanjo Station. The venerable cable car, which will be 100 years old in 2018, is popular for the unique and cute design.

The four different ornate cars, including the dog-shaped Bull, the cat-shaped Mike, the cake-shaped Sweet, and the organ-shaped Do Re Mi, will carry you up and down the mountain when you visit the park. The large windows give an aerial view of Ikoma city, and the rattle of the wheels over the tracks let you know that you’re about to have fun.

There is also a cute monorail, opened in March 2017, called the Toko Toko Tentomushi (Ladybug) that connects from the parking lot to the park for those who arrive by car via the Shigiikoma Skyline, serving as another connection between the magic of the park and the normal world.


Ikoma-Sanjo Amusement Park
10:00 - 17:00
2312-1 Nabata, Ikoma-shi, Nara Pref.
Entrance free, charge for each attraction

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