Find the hidden essence of Japan voice cream

The beautiful classic design speaks of the ongoing 1,300 years old legacy of this traditional medication.

A medication originating in herbal remedies, with roots in the mountain asceticism of Japanese Buddhism

Opening the envelope imprinted with the same traditional design used since early times will reveal the medicine inside, in the form of small spherical black granules. This is Daranisuke, a traditional medication with a history of 1,300 years that exudes a certain refinement accorded by that heritage.

Daranisuke is said to have been first formulated by the founder of Shugendo, a uniquely Japanese form of mountain asceticism combining Buddhism with Shinto elements, and practitioners of Shugendo are said to have carried the medication with them regularly as then trained in the mountains. Originally formulated in strips, it is manufactured today as granules that are easier to swallow.

*1 Refer to this article for more information on Shugendo.

The primary ingredient in Daranisuke is Oubaku, or the bark of the Phellodendron amurense tree, commonly known as the Amur cork tree. Oubaku is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, and a folk remedy used in Japan since ancient times.

As a herbal remedy, Oubaku has a gentle effect on the body, and can be effective for general digestive complaints such as low appetite, nausea, and constipation. The wide range of applications even includes hangover related nausea, making it a very useful and dependable medication overall.

Amusing and cute Daranisuke themed gifts you may wish to purchase with your medicine.

The Dorogawa Hot Spring, an important destination for Shugendo, is also one of the leading places to obtain Daranisuke. Here, you can’t miss the unique gifts available at Zenitani Shokakudo, a company which has manufactured and sold the medication for generations.

This little one is the result of a collaboration between Daranisukegan and the popular Japanese character Kewpie. Daranisuke Kewpie Doll (Large: 864 Yen, Small: 540 Yen)
(Left) You’ll get hooked on the subtly bitter medicinal taste of this drink. Da-Ramune (690 Yen per bottle) / (Right) This package is designed to look like the original way Daranisuke was formulated in strips, but inside is this delicious Yokan, a type of jellied Japanese dessert. Daranisuke Yokan (540 Yen each)

From medicine to sundries? It’s well worth stopping here on your walk through the historical hot spring town.

Zenitani Shokakudo is found on the main street of the Dorogawa Hot Spring town in a historical wooden building Practitioners of Shugendo typically stop by here to pick up a supply of Daranisuke on their way to the mountains, and there are many regular customers who like to spend a bit of time here.

Though Zenitani Shokakudo is a venerable purveyor of medications, the shop is filled with a friendly atmosphere, and carries a wide array of products including sundries and unique gifts.


10:00 - 19:00
254-1 Dorogawa, Tenkawa village, Yoshino-gun, Nara Pref.
+81-(0)747-64-0046 (free dial +81(0)120-146-046)

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