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An elegant experience surrounded by the refined tastes of maestro Kenkichi Tomimoto

The birthplace of Kenkichi Tomimoto, Japan’s first Living National Treasure, has become a place to stay featuring a classic mix of Japanese and Western.

Located just 10 minutes by car from JR Horyuji Station, the Ubusuna-no-Sato TOMIMOTO is a multifunction space featuring a hotel, restaurants, pottery workshop, and gallery that all occupy the birthplace of Kenkichi Tomimoto, a Japanese potter who was influenced by the 19th century arts and crafts movement in the UK.

The facility was just refurbished and reopened in 2017, keeping the culturally valuable wooden house and the original moat around it. The restaurant is open during the day, and there are two guest rooms in the inn.

The restaurant menu uses ample local ingredients and Japanese vegetables

The restaurant “Artichoke”, featuring a unique counter made from a single piece of Japanese cedar, is open only to overnight guests, who may come to dine on World Heritage Japanese food fused with western cuisine.

The spacious restaurant Gofujuu (Five Wind Ten Rain) serves breakfast (overnight guests only) and lunch. The name describes the ideal weather for farming, which is wind once every five days and rain every ten. As the name implies, the restaurant services an abundance of Japanese vegetables enriched with nature’s bounty, cooked with an emphasis on health.

The restaurant “Artichoke”
The restaurant Gofujuu (Five Wind Ten Rain)
Ubusuna's Lunch set (3,240 Yen〜、reservation recommended)

Understand Kenkichi Tomimoto’s philosophy in the two themed guest rooms.

The hotel has only two guest rooms. The first room, “Chikurin Getsuya” features artworks based on a scene that Tomimoto viewed together with his friend, Bernard Leach, a leading English potter of the 20th century. The second, called “Nisshin”, features a more modern style with a ceramic tiled bath from which guests can see the Japanese style garden. Guests can enjoy a moment of luxury surrounded in greenery.

Chikurin Getsuya
A bath room of "Chikurin Getsuya"
The Nisshin guest room provides a view of the Japanese garden through the window.
Japanese garden


Ubusuna no gou TOMIMOTO
Lunch 11:00~/13:00~ Dinner 17:00~(LO19:00)*Reservation recommended
1442 Higashiando, Ando-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Pref.

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