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A shop selling socks that combine organic cotton with the spirit and skill of the Japanese people

Returning to the careful craftsmanship of the Japanese people in balance with nature

Siki is the direct outlet of Yamaya, a long-established maker of socks from Nara. Twenty years ago, in the midst of the era of mass production and mass consumption, Yamaya decided to return to the meticulous craftsmanship of the Japanese tradition,characterized by a thoughtful equilibrium with natural raw materials. Since that time, they  have focused exclusively on crafting socks made in Japan.

The appeal of socks made in Japan, proposed here in Naramachi, a town with a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Soft and gentle, leaving your toes free and comfortable Pleasant socks that embrace your feet with fine organic cotton.

The appeals of Garabou socks, Siki’s most popular item, are the undulating texture and the soft and gentle feeling when worn. The name derives from the fact that the socks are woven on the Garabou spinning machine, developed  in Japan during the Meiji period.

These socks feature the marriage between an organic cotton making best use of nature’s bounty and the heart and craftsmanship of the Japanese. They were chosen for listing under The Wonder 500, a project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, as a regional product not yet known elsewhere in the world that Japan should be proud of.

The highly functional tabi socks enable comfortable footwork in both work and sport.
The popular “Garabou Socks”. A desire to preserve skills connects yesterday with today.

“I can no longer wear any other socks.” Looking forward to returning to Japan.

In addition to the main product of socks, the shop also features baby goods, underwear, and other sundries. There is  a wide variety of socks, including those with five toes and tabi socks.

Organic cotton is cool in summer and warm in winter, something that is obvious to the touch, and even more obvious when worn, such that many purchasers become repeat customers. There have also been tourists from overseas who come back to the shop before departing to buy socks in bulk, and many of them say they look forward to visiting Siki again one day when they come back to Japan.

The yarn weaves its way to the heart through the cycle of the seasons. With this philosophy behind the shop’s name, Siki, roughly meaning “yarn seasons”, speaks of the value of organic quality and Japan’s craftsmanship in the lovely and old town of Naramachi.


The shop occupies a renovated traditional Japanese house. Tourists from overseas describe the socks as “Beautiful!”


10:00 - 17:00
18 Takamikado-cho, Nara-shi

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