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Putting cypress wood on the fire, steam rises from the oven. Delicious Yamato Japanese breakfast.

Bright, fresh cooked rice is the focus. Its delicious umami taste spreads little by little .

Inside the restaurant “Kamado”, there is an imposing kamado cooking oven. One can see Yoshino’s  cypress wood fire burning, while the flames rising higher as the bamboo bellows are blown. The smell of cypress wafts through the store, and steam rises from the oven.

First thing in the morning, each grain of fresh cooked Kamado rice is delicious.

Let’s enjoy a delicious Yamato Japanese breakfast.

The set menu features the “Kamado breakfast” (550 yen). Accompanying your chosen dish are a raw egg, rice, miso soup, and tsukemono pickled vegetables. The dishes’ seasonal vegetables are complemented nicely by the miso soup that spreads the taste of soybean softly across your palate .

Above all, the bright, fresh cooked rice takes the main role. As electrical appliances spread, cooking ovens have disappeared from Japanese homes. Rice cooked at high heat in an oven is sweet, and the more you chew the more the delicious flavor fills your mouth.

Even foreign visitors, trying egg on rice for the first time, smile and comment on the “mild, delicious” flavor. Those who can’t stand raw egg are also catered for, with an extra 150 yen making the raw egg into a rolled egg. Why not try “Japanese breakfast” in a store enveloped by the aroma of Yoshino’s cypress with a traditional  cooking oven?

Dishes made with Nara seasonal vegetables coming with miso soup, tsukemono pickled vegetables and raw egg.
Crack the raw egg on the rice and add a little soy sauce. Raw egg on rice is a Japanese traditional food.

An assortment of Nara-made rice, miso and vegetables. Yamato tea is the  most popular souvenir.

Orders are placed  through tickets, and dishes are self-service. Help yourself to additional servings of rice. There is also the larger “Yamato breakfast” (1,050 yen) which contains more courses . Yamato’s flavor comes from Nara rice, miso and vegetables.

In the “grocery” corner, one can find the rice, miso and tea tasted in the restaurant, Nara-made foodstuffs that go well with rice and kitchen utensils as well. The flavorful Yamato tea is enjoyed by foreign visitors as the No.1 popular souvenir.

The jointly established grocery store. It sells the same Nara foodstuffs and utensils used in the dining room.

There are a coffee and a tourist information center. Three facilities make up the “Shika no Fune.” Embark on an enjoyable voyage!

“Shika no Fune” has “Kamado” which provides various information about the traditional lifestyle that still remain in wonderful Nara City. One can enjoy various experiences at these three buildings.

Tourist center “Mayu” is based in a picturesque building from the early Taisho era. There is a comfortable reading room with hanging Nara mosquito net material, as if surrounded by a cocoon, with various books on folk arts and crafts.

The traditional storehouse gallery is in an elegant exhibition room. Flower arrangement and tea ceremonies are held  occasionally in the second floor Japanese room, with another classroom allowing one to join traditional cultural experiences , including miso production.

At the end of the grounds lies the “Saezuri” coffee. The lineup is full with sandwiches and set-lunches made with Nara foodstuffs. Delicious goods from across the country are sold there.

At Mayu, in addition to receiving tourist maps, one can also use free Wi-Fi and rent iPads or electric bicycles. Feel free to talk to the staff who will help you plan your journey. Useful information and a full stomach from Kamado’s breakfast will be all the preparation you need . Start the morning fresh and confident it will be a good day. Let’s enjoy a pleasant trip around Nara City.

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Electric bicycle rental services are also provided.
The storehouse was built in a traditional architecture style. It is used as an exhibition room.
The reading room with hanging Nara mosquito net material.
Coffee room "Saezuri". Beside the path there is a paddy field where, depending on the season, one can see rice being grown.


竈kamado(Shika no Fune)
8:00〜18:00 *morning 8:00〜11:00
11 Inoue-cho, Nara-shi

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