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Organic vegan cafe Hanasaka : Confections that will purify your heart, found on this holy mountain.

A relaxing environment that is natural in every way.

Yoshino Mountain is one of the leading tourist destinations in Nara. The area is a microcosm of traditional Japanese culture with its historic temples and inns, but it also features one cafe that is slightly different, the “Organic Vegan Cafe Hanasaka”.

The traditional Japanese style house that the cafe occupies was built 150 years ago in the Yoshino style of construction, a unique building approach that makes use of the mountain slope. The first floor is used as living space, while the cafe itself comprises the second floor adjacent to the road.

Though the building itself is a traditional structure, the interior was rebuilt by hand by the owner, who is also a carpenter, and his wife, to create a pleasant space that dispels all tension. The bench seating at the entrance also serves to draw customers in.

All items on the menu are made with 100% organic ingredients.

Hanasaka is a vegan cafe that uses only organic ingredients.

No exceptions are made in the use of organic foods, from the vegetables obtained from the Asuka Bio Marché in the nearby Asuka village or directly from farmers, to the koso genmai brown rice (a method of preparing brown rice using a short fermentation period to bring out the natural enzymes), soy milk, oil, and other ingredients.

We especially recommend the Raw Cake of the Day (700 Yen alone or 1,100 Yen or more with drink). The sense of happiness that will fill every inch of your body the moment you taste these cakes are an experience that cannot be missed.

Here you can return to a more natural you.

One might imagine that it would take an ascetic personally to open an organic cafe in the mountains, but Aiko Tokuhara actually seems to be cloaked in an air of soft gentleness.

She moved here from Osaka with her family to practice a lifestyle in balance with nature. She is using the cafe to share her safe and healthy food philosophy, an approach she developed in the process of raising her own children.

“Come to Yoshino and take the time to walk around the area. I walk my dog here every morning, a practice which lets me reset my mind and body in various ways.”

You are sure to be able to clear your mind and body as well by taking a walk in these holy mountains, followed by a well reserved respite at Hanasaka.


Organic Vegan Cafe Hanasaka
11:00~17:00 Closed : Friday (Except Friday, open daily otherwise noticed)
2299, yoshinoyama, yoshino-cho, yoshino-gun, Nara Pref.

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