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The height of luxury after a walk in the mountains! Freshly steamed rice and rice sweets

A store specializing in rice in a World Heritage mountain site

The area is called Kamisenbon and sits at an altitude of 400-600 meters on Mt. Yoshino. In a Yoshino-like spot where pilgrim’s lodgings line a road on a steep slope, there is the Mizumoto Beikokuten Rice Shop with a history of 100 years.

Enjoy rice sweets and lunch

In addition to the rice milling facility, the shop features a restaurant and café which entertain tourists who visit Mt. Yoshino. It is a popular spot for people to enjoy lunch or sweets made with rice from the rice shop itself.

The café offers Japanese sweets such as mitarashi dango (skewered sweet rice dumplings), with their homemade tare sauce made from the local Miyatake soy sauce (¥100 for 1 stick), and goheimochi (skewered sweet rice cakes) made with a blend of ancient rice varieties (¥200 for 1 stick).

You can taste the simple flavor of hometown cooking with the “Yoshino Homemade Country Lunch” (¥1,600) in the restaurant that was opened in the zashiki room of the shop owners’ home, where you can sit on tatami mats. They grow the vegetables themselves, and you can freely enjoy extra helpings of rice.

Softly lustrous rice, cooked by the rice master.

The kamado experience (¥1,500 for adults, inquire for more details) began in 2017. The kamado is the old-fashioned kitchen stove where a fire is made under a kettle in which the rice is cooked.

Mr. and Mrs. Mizumoto say, “We’d like people to taste the truly delicious flavor of rice. We can use wood from thinning on Mt. Yoshino, and we can enjoy together with our visitors the crackling sound of the wood burning and its fragrance.”


10:00~16:00(Lunch 11:00〜14:00) ※reservation recommended
2295 Yoshinoyama, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara Pref.

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