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A museum with all kinds of goldfish, from wild species to expensive pedigrees

Multihued goldfish swimming amidst a tranquil setting

The Koriyama Goldfish Museum is located in Niki-cho, Yamatokoriyama City, set in tranquil scenery amidst a large number of holding ponds, approximately 10 minutes’ walk from Kintetsu-Koriyama Station. Former president of the museum, Masaji Shimada, established the Koriyama Goldfish Museum at his own expense in 1982, after realizing that there were no tourist facilities in Japan allowing tourists to view goldfish all year round.

Thanks to the efforts of members of the museum’s preservation committee and supporters’ club over the years since the museum’s opening, it now exhibits approximately 40 different kinds of goldfish, including precious varieties that cannot be found elsewhere.

It’s fun to just gaze at all the goldfish on display! Indulge your curiosity with displays that resemble live goldfish guides

The various goldfish types that can be found in Japan are displayed in the museum in 30 glass aquariums that resemble live goldfish guides. In addition to the “wakin” goldfish variety that is often seen at goldfish scooping stalls at summer festivals in Japan, visitors can also see a diverse range of other goldfish varieties such as “jikin”, “tosakin”, and bubble eye goldfish.

Work has been carried out on selective breeding ever since the original discovery of the red crucian carp, leading to the wide range of unusual varieties we can see today. Some goldfish are highly valued, and goldfish of the Ranchu variety that have been selected as champions at goldfish competitions have even been valued at up to around 500,000 yen. A “jumbo daruma ryukin” goldfish worth approximately 100,000 yen can currently be seen swimming elegantly about in an aquarium at this museum.

The “jumbo daruma ryukin” swimming elegantly about in an especially large aquarium. You’ll be surprised how large the goldfish is.

Historic documents proving just how popular goldfish have been since the Edo Period are also displayed at the museum

The museum displays a wide range of materials relating to goldfish. One particularly striking exhibit is “Kingyo Yashinaigusa”, Japan’s first book on how to rear goldfish.

Visitors can also look at colored woodblock prints to get glimpses of people’s lifestyles in the Edo Period. Please come and see for yourself the history of goldfish in Japan and learn about how much the common people have cherished them over the years.

Precious historic materials such as Ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints) and the first book on the topic of goldfish to be written in Japan are displayed in the museum.
One of few extant official ranking lists from a goldfish’s competitive show.


Koriyama Goldfish Museum (Yamato Kingyo-en)
9:00 - 17:00 Closed : Monday
107 Nikicho, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara

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